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Back-up your electric heat pump, or switch entirely to a propane furnace

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If you like your electric heat-pump system, you might want to consider the bad effects storms can have on electricity. Sitting in the dark is a hassle. Sitting in the dark without any heat is just miserable—and even dangerous if you have any young children or elderly people in your home.

With that in mind, we’d like to make the case for switching entirely to propane heat, especially if you are considering whether or not to buy an electric heat pump.

Propane gas furnaces cost less

On average, a propane gas furnace will last 5-10 years more than an electric heat pump. As a longer-term investment, a propane gas furnace will cost you less overall.

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Propane furnaces are more comfortable

The heat from a propane furnace is far more comfortable. An electric heat pump outputs heat at about 95° (that’s less than body temperature). On the other hand, a propane furnace outputs heat at 120° or higher. And when it’s cold outside, “sort of warm” just doesn’t feel as good as “nice and warm.”

Propane energy is more efficient than electricity

Paying for electricity will be far more expensive than paying for propane over the life of the equipment. Every gallon of propane generates 91,500 BTUs of heat. An equivalent amount of electricity (one kilowatt) generates only 3,413 BTUs of heat. This means you’ve got to go through—and pay for—a lot more electricity.

So for all these reasons, we encourage every heat-pump shopper to first consider buying a propane furnace. (which will, by the way, be fully compatible with any electric air conditioning system.)

Whether you are sold on a propane gas conversion or want to talk more about the pros and cons of converting, we encourage you to contact us today!

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